Wood Elf Treemen
Forest Dragon

Wood Elf Treemen

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Step into a realm of ancient mysticism and natural wonders with our awe-inspiring Wood Elf Treemen collection. These magnificent and towering beings embody the raw power and harmony of the sacred forests. Each intricately sculpted figure captures the awe-inspiring presence and intricate details that make these Treemen truly captivating. Whether you're a collector, a tabletop gaming enthusiast, or a storyteller, our Wood Elf Treemen will add a touch of enchantment to your gaming experience.

This set contains:

  • 2x Treemen

Available in 10mm

This miniature is created using high quality UV resin, ideal for tabletop gaming and hobby painting. Please note these models may have tiny supports that will still be attached, these are easily removed with careful use of hobby clippers/knife. Any layer lines left over from the printing process are normal for this kind of model. Primer and paint will help hide these.
The resin itself is grey but depending on material availability, this may change every now and again.

If you need a different scale or have another project in mind then please do get in contact and I'll do my very best to accommodate your needs so we can get your miniatures on to the tabletop as soon as possible!

My name is Jamie and I've been in the tabletop hobby for 20+ years. I'm truly passionate about the model making process and will do my absolute best to ensure that your models will turn heads when you put them on the table.

This model is licensed to Alchemist Models from Forest Dragon. I have full rights to print this miniature.

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