Raygun Raptors Troopers
Raygun Raptors

Raygun Raptors Troopers

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Raygun Raptor Troopers

Two packs to choose from.

Pack of 6 (One sculpt of each)
Pack of 10 (Will contains some multiples)

Dimensions: models are scaled to standard 28/32mm tabletop size.

Alchemist Painting presents high quality 3D prints in grey, UV cured resin resin. Like other miniature kits, this is supplied unassembled and unpainted.
The image shown is a 3D render, final product may very slightly.

While I try to ensure all the supports are removed, there may be some minor clean up required. This can be done carefully with a sharp scalpel/craft knife or very fine sandpaper. Please take care not to breathe in the resin dust and if the model is slightly sticky/tacky then leave in direct sunlight until fully solid. Make sure to wash your hands with soap afterwards as uncured resin can irritate the skin.

These models are made to order, please allow time for manufacturing.

3D models designed by Treadhead Rad. Alchemist Painting had full permission to sell prints of these models.


I pack my models with extreme care. All of my models will be wrapped carefully in bubblewrap and placed in a cardboard box with eco-friendly packing peanuts.
I will not accept any responsibility for any import/customs fees that may occur. Refunds will not be given for anything that has been returned due to fees not being paid.

Please be aware that during the global pandemic, there may be slight delays in shipping.

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